Digital Backdrops – Where to Use Them

Digital backdrops have become an indispensable tool to many photographers toady as it has many advantages. The value of an attractive background and what it can do for your photographs cannot be emphasized enough. This is the reason why more and more digital photographers are turning to digital photography backdrops. In addition, this backdrop enhancing of photos are convenient, less costly and unlimited in their range.

Digital backdrops are available in many styles, color combinations and themes. So, choosing a backdrop to suit a photograph is done mainly by the photographer keeping in mind what the final result should look like. It is all about the photographer’s ability to bring out the best in the subject with the background as a base.

Digital photography backdrops are used in many places. Where digital backdrops can be used best is with images that have been taken with a blue or green background. But, it can be used practically with any background.

Where digital backdrop use is warranted is easy to find out. These are usually used to create eye catching pictures out of otherwise dull photographs. A normal photograph can be made to look exceptional with the right digital backdrop giving the photograph a new lease of life and dynamism that was missing from it. The whole mood can be altered in this manner.

Another instance where digital backdrops come in handy is when you need to shoot at a certain location, but find it impractical to do so. For example if you need to do a photo shoot in the English countryside but cannot spend on airfare then you can use digital backgrounds with the English countryside in your photographs later on. Many commercial artists find this a very easy solution to a variety of problems they face in their line of a work.

Family photographs are another area where digital backdrops can enhance the quality of the final product. You can have a lot of fun with fantasy backdrops, fireworks or celebration themed backdrops. There are also special ones designed for kids. Where more serious backgrounds are needed the grunge range or similar backgrounds can be used to bring out details in a photograph such as a portrait. The facial features will be brought out with greater effect with a solid color background and allow the onlooker to focus on the face and not on any distracting background. In a similar way romantic, pictures, wedding pictures and other pictures can be enhanced with ease using digital backdrops.

Digital Photography Backdrops Backgrounds – Get the Scoop!

Turn your snapshots into professional looking photos!

Photography is going the way of the digital style. Photographers are trying their hand at digital backdrops. Even moms and dads, grandparents etc are doing it!

Ever take a photo that you just wish had a different background? Uncle Stew drinking a beer behind your child isn’t something that you want to frame and hang on your wall, but the picture of your precious one is just WAY to good to be stuffed in a box somewhere! So fix it!

Digital Backdrops are high resolution images that replace the backgrounds of your photographs. No Studio is required, no expensive muslins to buy. You can get hundreds of Digital Backdrops for under the cost of just 1 cloth muslin!

In order to be able to use digital backdrops you will need a graphics editing program.

Your imaging program MUST be able to support layers, it MUST be able to support .tif and .psd files, and you MUST be able to “cut out” your subject from your source image. (This is called extraction)

You will be extracting (cutting out) your subject and pasting it onto a better more beautiful backdrop.

Programs that we know to work are: Adobe Photoshop (any version), Corel Paint Shop Pro, PhotoImpact, Gimp, and Microsoft Digital Image Suite – You will have to convert .psd files to .png to work with the Microsoft Digital program.)

Some photographers use what is called a greenscreen or chromakey backdrop to take the first initial shot.

Do you have to use a greenscreen or chromakey backdrop?

Absolutely NOT; Most find it easier NOT to use a greenscreen, as they find it difficult removing the “green spill” that sometimes occurs on the subject. But this is a personal preference. (White works wonders! I can even show you how.)

There is NO install process to using digital backdrops; they are only images, they never have to be installed, you can use them straight off the disc/DVD, or from the drive/folder in which you downloaded them to.

You can use them on any operating system – since they ARE only images. (Mac and Pc compatible)

So where can you find them? You can get them from your own backyard, (take a snapshot of your tree as if someone were standing there.) Or you can find a large selection on the web. Be careful though! When I first started working with digital backdrops, I purchased some without looking at the specs (details). What I got was thumbnails that were no good to print any larger than one inch! Ouch!