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Photography Backdrops and Props Make Your Photographs Special

Photography backdrops and props are very useful to make your photographs look unique and lively. Most studios have boring and artificial mood and feeling. Backdrops and props can change this condition in an instant. In addition, they also give more options to the clients.

Photography backdrops

Photography backdrops never intend to change the center of attention. Their purpose is to give different moods, auras, and surroundings so the pictures become unique and personal. In the beginning, muslin was used as photography backdrops. They were popular for school portraits because they are easy to carry. Although they tend to be lightly patterned and dull colored, they could bring a little life to the pictures with the support of proper lighting. They cannot do much to improve the mood and atmosphere though.

They make the pictures focus on the subject, but if they have similar color as the subject’s clothing, problems will happen. In addition, they limit the options of the clients and also the photographer’s creativity. Students might not have a choice or perhaps they care little about year book portraits, but if you want to make good family portraits, you will want to use unique backgrounds that are not used by everyone.

Technology came to solve the problems create by traditional backdrops. Digital photography backdrops offer a lot of options to the clients. The clients only need to pose and let their pictures taken. Later the background can be added as what the clients want. A nice fireplace can become a good background for Chritmas portraits, while romantic places are excellent for wedding portraits. The options are virtually limitless with digital backdrops.

Photography props

If you feel that a picture is good, usually you do not only see beautiful smiles, but also various photography props in it. Photography props have been used since the early days of photography. They used simple objects like flowers and fruits as props. At that time, the main purpose was to show the level of affluence of the people in the picture.

As photography became popular, photography props became more complex. They did not only use simple objects, but they built the whole scenery that looks like certain events or locations. During Victorian era, pastoral photography was the main trend. Therefore, props like shepherd’s crooks and even live sheep were used to create the required atmosphere.

Photography props are still developing even today. Travel related props are the hottest demand right now, such as traditional dress and traditional instrument. Perhaps you have seen many studios that provide traditional Chinese dress for you to wear or even an Irish bagpipe as one of their props. If you combine these props with proper digital backgrounds, you can produce different pictures, which make you like that you have traveled to many countries even though you are only staying in a small studio.